Vision and mission

We live in a society that is full of risks — especially risks relating to safety and sustainability. TenCate's mission is to provide ongoing improved protection for people and their working and living environments. This is why researchers and developers at TenCate are continuously working to optimise the features and characteristics of the materials, modules and systems the company supplies — including factors such as wearer comfort, a responsible price/quality ratio and combinations with other risk factors (multi-risk exposure). Our products, systems and solutions improve performance, reduce costs and help people to achieve goals that were previously out of reach. Our objective is to make a significant contribution to progress in the sectors we are active in.

This gives rise to our central theme: "Protecting people". Protecting people is about more than innovation; it is a continuous process of evaluation, improvement and re-evaluation. This core principle of TenCate doesn't just apply to our products and markets — protecting people applies to our people too. As a result, we don't just facilitate self-development; we actually encourage it. We are proud of our colleagues who can focus on solutions in their thinking across all disciplines, who aren't afraid of challenges and who are always prepared to go the extra mile.

TenCate: Materials that make a difference.



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