HR policy

The most important objective of our TenCate HR policy is to align the needs and objectives of our organisations and employees as closely as possible and, in turn, to use this to shape the implementation of the TenCate strategy. We aim to share and safeguard knowledge, to always have the right employee in the right position, with the right experience and attitude to development, at the right time and with the right salary.

Our employees are specialists in their individual fields. They have an entrepreneurial spirit that is focused on results and solutions and they are prepared to take on any challenge. They strive to create success in their own group, in the interests of TenCate as a global company. Our employees are given the opportunity to develop and unlock their talents, both individually and professionally, in a national and an international working environment. We offer attractive and challenging roles and responsibilities in a safe working environment, with a scope for initiative and creativity.


Rosle Bin Ibrahim

Employees have a good future working with TenCate.

Rosle Bin Ibrahim, Production Supervisor

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